I see you in US! I see you in Jersey, GA, FL TN! 25K and climbing!! Adding followers!! Thanks for streaming! I have come so far and I just want to keep surging!!!

I talk about the music I wish I felt safe enough to discuss with my father, the DJ. I was always afraid to talk about things because I was always afraid of being accused of being smarter or knowing more than him, never praised for the knowledge to my face. The complication of not being known or respected as an adult. The playlist is available for immediate streaming on iTunes and @tnfroisreading is Live on Amp!!!


Quark's Bar Cocktail For Discussion. Ratchet TV, Podcasts and News


I will not spoil the Woman King, the trailer only tells part of a moving and beautifully told story, shot, and acted! Oscar chatter, anyone?


Forever Donkey, Torey Lanez still violent, and Chump...Karma is a Black Woman, Atty James and Megan...

I refuse to try to break this week's episode of House of the Dragon down and will leave it to Rod and Karen, The Black Guy Who Tips


Dear TLC, Check on Shaeeda from HEA and Single Life is very cringy...


But on the happiest note, Abbott Elementary is back! Quinta and her cast are hilarious!!

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