COVIK Sucks. Get your read on. Navigate to Chattabooks for the latest best reads. Navigate to my Instagram Page @tnfroisreading and leave comments and...View Details

Fussing about COVID shenanigans and Tomfoolery, Chaos in Afghanistan, Movie, Respect Biopic about the Late Great Aretha Franklin when everybody disres...View Details

Podcast of Complaints, Dragging Hilton and All My Sons Moving And Storage, Some people who think they are Allies Are Well-Intentioned folks that haven...View Details

I need to chair dancing...All Music is Credited and available for immediate streaming on iTunes. Talking is from my hotel room in the QC...Hampton Inn...View Details

Full Notes on Dale's Angels Inc Blog

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#TNFro aka Felicia Baxter is...Listening to Music, Watched Cruella, Black Girls Rock every day, Lilibet Diana in the House of Sussex, Cooking, Eating ...View Details

Full Notes on Dales Angels Inc BlogĀ 

All Music Available on iTunes 1 Podcast Playlist credited and for Immediate StreamingĀ 

TNFro Is Reading...Listening to Beethoven and Schubert, Celebrating Black Excellence and Local B.O.B., Japanese Fried Chicken and Fresh Pesto, More Li...View Details

Researching the composers Edvard Grieg and Richard Strauss Jazz Great Curtis Fuller past recently

Debunking COVIK-conspiracies...vaccinated people d...View Details

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