I Talk about my favorite things in Black Excellence Painters and Writers

TNFro Is Throat Punch Most Days, But Not Slap Happy...That Slap Did not End Will Smith's career, he is a franchise unto himself and he will be back, but Aunt Vivica Fox's Black Respectability Response may have just burned a bridge unnecessarily.

Quark's Bar Ruminations on Pop Culture TV and News

Spoilers...P Valley was on some Who-do-ish this week and is really Cirque-D-Ho-Nation!!! And I am here for all of it!

Donkey Of The Week Goes to FL State Politician and supporters

TNFro Is Reading...Memphis


Word for the day, takes more courage to exist, to dream, to grind, and to prosper out loud!


Aggressively pursue and create beauty and art, whatever form it takes. Check out 30 Black Female Painters...I thought the name of this crew problematic, but I think it is pronounced (Co-OON-Ness) This gallery highlight African American and Black Diaspora Female Artists.

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