My Reaction to Oprah Interview of Duchess Cousin Meghan

Relevance and Missed Opportunities



The British monarchy cannot make itself relevant. They had a chance to get it right but they chose to make a completely tone deaf mistake, over and over again. They clearly were wrong footed in their handling of Princess Diana. They really waged an unequal war of emotional bombings until, this youthful couple ran all the way back to America. It was reminiscent of the abdication of King Edward but not as vicious and racially motivated...Why couldn't the Number 1  to the throne make it right? 

You are responsible for your words, and it seemed the attacks felt very personal and particularly more disgusting with extra digs coming from one Piers Morgan. He was acting like someone scorned. Well wait, she actually did kick him to the curb...


Someone really needs to check on Meghan's father, what was I watching an evolving stroke or residual effects of a previous illness. And his babies from other mama's need to go and sit down somewhere...


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